A colleague I met the other day just sent me 2 drafts of her LinkedIn profile summary to look over and coach2give my opinions.

Ok, she asked for it. I replied (intended politely):

Neither is ideal. Call me at your convenience so I can explain why you have confused the company profile with your personal profile.

Her confusion: Why tout the company she works for in her personal profile summary? Better, she needs to use the personal profile summary to speak about her, her business journey from her past experience to who she is today and where she expects to go.

If her current passion is about working for that company, it’s ok to mention it but make the point of why working there or in the industry is relevant to her personal value proposition.

In her case, she is not the company. She may be strongly influenced by it, proud of it, but she is not telling me why her; instead, she is telling why the company in her place.

My advice as LinkedIn coach: Let the company she works for talk about why the company vs the competitor.

She needs to spend more time and effort making us buy into her as a colleague.

Don’t confuse the two.