5fingersThis is a 5-part series of my quickest suggestions for becoming a LinkedIn star.

Of course, this presupposes you have been taking my advice in this blog all along (have you?)!

Number Three: Show your profile URL in marketing materials

You have your own LinkedIn profile URL, right?

Mine is http://www.linkedin.com/in/marchalpert, and it’s all mine! Go ahead, click the URL. It takes you to my public Linkedin profile.

Never settle for the long form one that LinkedIn assigned you when you first opened your account (it looks something like http://www.linkedin/com/pub/marc-halpert/19/b85/700). BTW that’s a fictitious URL.

Here’s a slide from one of my presentations that demonstrates 4 places to use the LinkedIn URL









On Monday, Number Four: “Make yourself and your mobile device a genius”