I have a connection who tells us every day on LinkedIn where he is networking, breakfast, lunch and a lot of dinners.

That’s it, nothing more. Ho hum. Who really cares? I tune out the white noise he is sending.

He is so much more interesting than just where he will be appearing. He is well-connected and successful, fun and intelligent…just in case he is reading this…others have commented to me that his updates on LinkedIn do not match his persona.

shareDo your updates match your brand?

Do you add to the personal learning network we all share with each other and contribute useful, compelling and insightful material?

Do your colleagues comment back to you, either thanking you for sharing, or even better, passing your update along to others they care about?

That’s the acid test.

Share great material.

Fewer shares of great material is so much better for everyone than daily mediocre (or worse!) updates.

Be recognized as a great contributor and a go-to person for connections and meaningful knowledge.

It takes time and work. But just try it for a while and reap the rewards.