futureDid you see the new #LinkedIn app for mobile devices?

I think we just got a glimpse (or perhaps just a hint?) of what the new LinkedIn desktop version will look like in it its next iteration.

The new app is visually rich with much thought placed on where you can most quickly absorb the most data with a glance, like connections in common, or similar interests, as demonstrated by groups you have joined.

It collapses the data so that the most recent post shows and you click a link to open all of the rest.

There’s a place behind your headshot/headline for a hero graphic (wide and short) but we already have heard that some non-paying people are getting this and the rest of us need to apply or just wait.

So as an educated guess, based on these hints, I am figuring that the next LinkedIn iteration will look a lot like the mobile version just released.

The mobile app revision was a long time in coming and worth the wait. Now let’s see what else they do. And when.

In the meantime, make every section on your LinkedIn profile count, written concisely to show “why you.”

You never know what section will get even more attention…