You can reorder current positions but oddly, you can’t reorder past positions.

For the past positions, LinkedIn automatically defaults to show them chronologically: the most recent start date is the one that appears on top.


For anyone who had a past position that started in 2001 and a second past side business in 2000, the most recently started past business automatically appears first on their Experience section.

you can'tBut what if you wanted to stress the 2000 (earlier-started) side business by showing it first, because it shows off experience in what you currently do or want to do, better than any of you other past positions?

Sorry, you can’t.

So to all you busy LinkedIn coding gurus: if we can reorder our publications in any order we please and our Profile sections in any order we want (see the process for doing this in my blog posting yesterday), why can’t we change the order of our Experience past positions?

Life and one’s past career positions are not linear on the time line.

That’s so 20th century in thinking…