Let me start by saying that ANY improvement to the LinkedIn mobile app was well-needed.

The changes made yesterday and announced in the LinkedIn Blog are terrific.

I believe we now have in the new mobile product as close to a complete success to make it look and work EXACTLY like the desktop version. In the past I opined that just didn’t understand the technology reasons why there should be 2 versions of the same tool.

LinkedIn did it–they made the desktop and mobile version look nearly identical. I applaud them and will enjoy it. Below are screenprints of the improved iPhone and iPad versions:

LI_mobile_iphone LI_mobile_ipad






There’s a little difference in the presentation between the two but a LOT more for us to show on our mobile profiles.

So here are the 8 new best improvements you need to know about:

  1. It works on Android, iPad and iPhone right away. All you have to do is load the new version to your device. It takes a minute or two. In the past LinkedIn developed new version to Apple products and later on to Android. That practice seems to have changed.
  2. Your headline is very prominent at the very top of the new screen. Does that tell you that you need to make it far more interesting than blandly your title and company name? Use this valuable real estate to make your headline say WHY YOU. So if someone looks at your profile on the new version you look even more amazing!
  3. Near the top are the thumbnails of those who have viewed your profile recently. If you click this section, you can see who they are (and depending on your free or paid membership, you can see more viewers). If you are aggressive and/or curious, you can send them a message on LinkedIn to see if as a result of viewing your profile, there is something you can help them with. Who knows, it may lead to a new business connection!
  4. You can now edit almost all of the sections of your LinkedIn profile on your mobile device, a new and welcome development. In the past you could only do that on your desktop version. Just be careful that fat thumbs don’t create typos on the edits and changes you make using your mobile device.
  5. The most recent blog post you published on LinkedIn is prominent and you can also tap to see all the others you published in the past. This was overdue. Knowing that everyone will soon be invited to post original blog materials and thoughtful commentary, I believe LinkedIn had to include this. That is one of the best new developments in this new mobile version.
  6. The most recent updates you sent out appear, and with a click, the ability to see all of the past updates. Please update, folks, and please send out articles and comments that are useful to the desktop and (now) the mobile crowd. Be a giver. Pay it forward.
  7. In a glance, a mobile viewer can now quickly see areas of overlapping interest or connections in common. Before you sit down with a new person, get their story on mobile from their POV so you will know what is important to them. This breaks the ice and makes a warmer first meeting.
  8. And you can now forward your profile by LinkedIn message to someone else. That’s great for an intro ahead of a meeting, for a way to show your credentials and value proposition in your own words.

I am sure I will come up with more accolades. For now, this is a welcome change and I anticipate more improvements from LinkedIn soon. Bravo.