Did you know you can choose the order of the sections in the Background box on your personal LinkedIn profile? It’s simple-click and move the section itself. Here’s how:

From the more detailed instructions on the LinkedIn Help Center page on this topic:

  • Move your cursor over Profile at the top of your homepage and select Edit Profile.
  • Click and hold the Reorder section icon next to the section you’d like to move, and drag the section to a new location in the Background box. reorder_sections_Linkedin




  • Release the Reorder section icon to drop the section into place.
  • Click the Done Editing button in the top section of your profile when you’re finished.

Always lead off your profile with your Summary and then your Experience. From there, the order of the sections is up to you.

If your schooling has little to do with what your present experience is, push the Education section to a lower berth.

Pull Certifications to a higher ranking if that tells your story better, as is often the case for CPAs, medical staff or technology employees.

And if you publish regularly, you want to show that section towards the top. And don’t forget to reorder your publications (same generic process as above) so the most recent appears at the top. (LinkedIn’s default is to place the most recent publication at the bottom of the Publications section, and I never understood that logic!)

Think carefully about the order of the information you present.

Now you are in charge!

There’s only 1 chronological order exception which we will cover tomorrow.