My newest coaching client is trying to crush our four sessions into 2. Her comment was “this shouldn’t take all that long.” Not quite. At least done well, it will not.

Rushing to repopulate the profile sections with lackluster material is not the smartest way to proceed. You look muddy to the reader. Folks, it’s not a matter of just placing any material into the sections. The reader will not be engaged.

It’s about quality. It takes time and careful thought. The goal: careful crafting of one section to seamlessly lead the reader to the next section; making all the strands in your professional life fit together into a finely woven finished profile. Then the reader is interested enough to contact you.

You are branding yourself, after all. You had best be perceived as having spent time and considerable effort in making yourself attractive to potential colleagues and 2stepsclients, so my advice:

Take a long view and start with small steps.

I have been refining my LinkedIn profile for over 10 years. You should spend some “you” time doing so too.

When to do this? Now. The summer is a great time to take stock and renovate the language you used.

Baby steps lead to great strides.