Your professional life changes from time to time. New projects, new directions; new technologies, new markets.

Does your LinkedIn profile reflect the changes you are undergoing?

Unlike your resume, etched in paper and a backward-looking historic document (as I say in my talks, the best outline for your obituary), your LinkedIn profile should show where you came from to make you who you are today, and hint at your aspirations for your future, based on “why you” today.

20140721-064850-24530001.jpgAnything short of these time frames, and you are  assuming the reader is putting the pieces together correctly.  A “miss” and you have created confusion in your reader’s mind, and a headache for yourself.

So jump into editing that profile. Change it, experiment, use “I” and power verbs, make it speak in your voice so that the casual attention-deficit reader will immediately want to know more about you and contact you. Then rest is up to you both.

No, strike that: the first step is yours.

And change your profile as often as needed.