brasilI am not being hard-hearted in my title. I am making a point about LinkedIn. Read on.

In Biblical days you ripped your clothes and doused yourself with ashes to show your sorrow. Today, we express it on social media to show everyone how sad you are, in this instance, that Brazil lost its bid for the World Cup to Germany.

My Facebook pages are full of expressions of angst and pictures of bawling Brazilian fans over their loss. Not so on LinkedIn.

Thankfully LinkedIn retains its pristine status as a place where professionals express themselves in business-like ways. That’s almost uniformly true. Some silly or political or nonbusiness material sneaks in, but overall it’s clear and clean. No puppy dog or kitty cat pictures. No sports fan gloating or lamentations. And no more word games or number puzzles, please.

Let’s keep it that way.

Oh, and to my Brazilian colleagues, you know you have an amazing team and should be proud. We all get another run at the World Cup in 4 years.

Obrigado for not filling up LinkedIn with futbol. Leave that for the other social media, as you have done.