July 1. The year is already more than half over.

Was the first half of the year as rewarding (in any business definition you like) as you had hoped?

If so, great. Could it have been better? Of course it could have.

If not, why did it not deliver your hoped-for results? What could you have done better in retrospect?

If the missing common denominator is the best practices, tips and techniques of using LinkedIn, and it should be in either way you answered the above questions, NOW is the time to get aboard and make your profile shine.

The first half of the year showed you in a less-than-ideal manner on LinkedIn. Face it. Change it, and be sure it changes with you.
Perhaps your work will just takes some tweaks. Perhaps an overhaul.
Just do it.

Meet me and 300 million+ others in the other half of the year 2014. Talk about yourself on LinkedIn.

Make your LinkedIn profile reflect:
1) why you,
2) what your value propositions are, and
3) what skills you bring to the proverbial table as an ideal business partner.

Ball’s in your half of the court.