I learned a new word the other day.

The plural of a selfie is an ussie. Yes, it’s a word.


In fact, Ellen DeGeneres made the ussie enormously famous during the recent Academy Awards broadcast, posing with her actor friends.

It’s a split second, arm extended, digital photo version that captures the entourage you travel with. Immortalized and immediate.

LinkedIn provides you another way to show your entourage–in your connection listing. Look at each person you are connected to:

  • Do you know and trust everyone you’re connected to?
  • Do you want to be seen with their name as a trusted colleague on the “ussie” that LinkedIn casts out to your prospects, clients, friends and coworkers?

Have some editing to do? That’s ok. There’s no shame in resetting the group you associate with. Social connections change with time. It’s expected.

But you have to do make the changes.

Here’s how to delete connections you really don’t know or want to be associated with and have a better quality LinkedIn profile, and shameless ussie.