Yesterday at a networking meeting a colleague described his business of advising parents on financial planning for college expenses and then himself as a “financial psychologist.”

psychologistWe all counsel our clients. Some need more in-depth advisory service than others. Some need to tell us way too much information. And others try to make the world conform to their sense of reality and thus their needs. That sometimes poses a gutsy challenge for consultants and entrepreneurs.

To give the client what he or she expects/needs may not agree with regulation or established industry practice. We sometimes have to deliver the bad news that’s hard for both sides to stomach.

You learn how to deal with all types of people as you progress in business. Some need different degrees of unlicensed psychological counseling than others.

Start by setting the stage: describe your role as trusted advisor on your LinkedIn headline in a way that your prospective clients will understand, and reinforce it in the sections below that.

Prove the point. Be a good counselor. Soften the hard headed.