Another success story, and it’s partially about the benefit of having LinkedIn at my disposal. It’s also about helping a friend.

My colleague from my corporate days and I reconnected via LinkedIn many years ago. We always got along famously and thought out and solved organizational problems cooperatively while the rest of the company was fighting. (Remember the hoopla around Y2K? Yes indeed we saved the company from the demon millennium change!)

jobs onlineRecently she contacted me to help her with her LinkedIn profile. She was making progress in her new job search and had identified a great opportunity. All she needed was a nudge to “tell about herself” and thus improve her LinkedIn profile.

After a couple of phone sessions, she had it right. Then she pursued the job. And did she! Interviews went well, no surprise, as she exudes positive energy and smarts. Always did.

She asked me to serve as a character reference, which I gladly accepted. The caller from the company was very optimistic about my friend and her “fit” in the organization.

She aced the interviews and yesterday she emailed to say she got the job!

She considers it a perfect fit. Bravo for her and best wishes for continued success. They are fortunate to have you! Makes for another happy ending.

It’s great to be able to help the wonderful people I knew well and worked with decades ago, and can continue to stay in touch with via LinkedIn in the years to come.