It happens to me daily, multiple times, seven times this weekend alone. And it happens to you as well, judging from the questions I get.

“I’d like to connect to you on LinkedIn.” That’s it.

Do call someone on the phone, when they pick up, you just say hello (and nothing else)?

directionsWho are you? What’s the context for the request? 

Most importantly, why should we connect? 

Same thing here.

BTW these are not my sneakers…

I get 2 choices of what to do.

1) Ignore your request (LinkedIn purgatory)

2) I review your profile and ask you back 2 questions:

a) Have we met?

b) How can I help you?

No reply after 3 or so days and you get ignored.

Respond by identifying yourself as to the context where we met or how I can help  you and I think about connecting.

Give yourself a better chance of connecting. Waste less mutual time and effort and decline to use the default connection request language. Tell me how we can help each other by connecting. Be creative and real.

But do something beyond the default!