ziplipsI encourage you continually in this blog to express the WHY YOU throughout your LinkedIn profile. But there are 4 things LinkedIn asks you to provide in your profile build that you don’t have to, and really shouldn’t, tell us.

One is your birthday. Unless you REALLY need your colleagues to wish you a happy day, it’s not needed. That’s not really business-related so I submit you should leave it off your profile.

Same goes for martial status. I will allow an exception: I have a client who is a marital counselor/mediator/attorney whom I admire. In her profile, she tells us she is married and talks a bit about her kids. That way we know she has been there and can empathize with her clients. She is discrete and reveals only as much information as to make that point. If this is not your profession as well, please leave your marital status out of your LinkedIn profile.

Address is completely up to you. If you show your home office address and update that you are headed to Vegas to speak at a conference, you are inviting someone to know you are away (sort of like I use my PO Box as my address on LinkedIn. You may want to do that as well or just leave it out.

Cell phone number is also up to you. I list my office and cell number and (thankfully-tempting fate here) no one has ever abused either, except Rachel at Card Member Services (whom I have now blocked) and she is not on LinkedIn anyway. Never your home number. Period. But you definitely want to list at least one phone number on your profile.

If I think of more I will add them in a later blog post.