Yesterday I stepuphad the pleasure of coaching a very talented visual artist in upping his game on LinkedIn. It was our second session together and we are already seeing the fruits of his work–he is expressing his value proposition in a new and far more personal way. Why? The act of buying his services is a subjective decision-you fall in love with his art, as demonstrated in his profile. If he can explain himself and then help you do so by the medium of  video, he must also explain himself well on LinkedIn.

Later that day I taught LinkedIn at a law firm with the 5 partners in a room for almost 2 hours. They wanted to up their game and join the others in their profession using LinkedIn as a marketing power tool in their toolbox. Though they had varying degrees of LinkedIn profiles, they knew that better showing a uniform, yet personalized, vision of the firm’s purpose and philosophies would benefit them all.  What a pleasure to see them soak the concepts in. And a rewarding moment came when (unsolicited) they all agreed to huddle and get this done very very soon, not deferred to someday.

After I left the law firm, I checked my smartphone. A former client sent an email to get me to help her in LinkedIn again, as her life has changed and she is seeking my consulting again. Doing so, I can up my own game and hers as well, and it’s always so nice to be called back for more.