Remember throlodexe rolodex? Perhaps you don’t.

It was a great way to slip in a business card to keep contact details handy for your connections, alas, a relic of the pre-electronic age. It worked, but not as well as LinkedIn (which goes well beyond static information, and allows the user to maintain an ever-changing relationship with his/her peers).

I know Memorial Day is about the servicemen and -women who gave their lives for our freedom, and I am certainly not minimizing their contributions, but in my own personal way I am remembering those wonderful people I have been fortunate to know, but are now gone.

In my own rolodex, I just came upon a business card, and then searched for the LinkedIn profile, of one of these friends and business colleagues who died very suddenly last year.

His profile is still on LinkedIn, frozen in time, as is his card in my rolodex.

If you are in the unfortunate position of having to remove a LinkedIn profile of a now-deceased loved one, here is how you do it. Sorry for the somber thoughts. It is a fact of life, after all.

I will hold on to the card for a while…