Something new was added yesterday to to your profile analytics and I am not a fan.

You can now see how you stack up for views of your profile against similar people. It’s at

popularityPopularity contest? (Hear me nodding my head?) 

Ho hum. Big deal.


When I look at who is ranked similar or above me, they are power users. No surprise. Without meaning to sound snooty, we play in the same sandbox.

My dear reader, I think you should rather work harder on expressing “why you” vs. where you stack against views of your peers. First things first.

My fear is that this new tool will inevitably become most people aiming to be higher in this stack ranking, with little regard to how they come across in their profile.

Why? Being found in a search doesn’t mean a meaningful connection or a potential for business dealings. It might, don’t get me wrong, but only if your profile reads truly great. Being in the search results just means you have the right search engine keywords for that particular search.

I would offer this: your popularity will jump when you make your profile look (as I call it) “amazing-er.”  

For most of the people I come across, they need a lot more work on the fundamentals rather than the finer points. One step at a time.