There’s a process in everything that comes out good.

Behold the lowly cucumber. Like a weed in a garden, it can take over and wrap itself around anycukesthing it can get its tendrils on, yet nearly tasteless, so much so the animals prefer to eat something else, but full of water and seeds.

But somewhere along the way an accident must have happened and some prehistoric gardener decided to mix in salt water (and garlic and dill for better taste) annewpicklesd seal them from the air.

Preserved, they taste better. Preserved even longer and…full sour pickle nirvana.

So it is with yfullsourpicklesour LinkedIn profile…you knew I would get there eventually…take the raw ingredients of who you are, add your own words, mix in some spice and make it read more fluidly, then preserve it for the world to savor.  So delicious!

Make some amendments to the recipe of “why you” along the way but please share it to spread the wealth of why you do what yo do.

Your fans will refer you and new tasters will crave you. They may emulate your recipe.