Yesterday’s blog mentioned that LinkedIn provides a tool to keep notes and sort your connections. Going further…

I met a great new colleague over coffee yesterday and as a result of that meeting, here is a screenprint of reminders I placed on my view of his profile (only I can see it in realtime; he can’t and no one else can).

CRM_LinkedIn_exampleBy taking the time to use the Relationship tab, and the routines under it, I have achieved 3 things:

  1. I tagged him into subgroups I use to communicate to
  2. I created a history of how I was introduced to him, where we met, and my followups
  3. I also have made 2 reminders to myself, one for next week and one for next month

No more need to rely on memory or notes or middle of the night reminders on scraps of paper!

One piece of news that further enhances this and will soon be available: LinkedIn has hooked up with Evernote to provide much of the same (and more!) functionality.