Today I am co-teaching at the NYC Bar Association. It’s an honor for this nonlawyer to teach legal-jobslawyers at the Bar, and my second time there.

I have also been fortunate to train in large and small law firms as well as coach attorneys individually so for me, today’s session will be more in that vein.

Most lawyers never learned that they needed to run their practice like a business, including branding and marketing.  Lucky for them they have LinkedIn!

What makes this challenging, though not impossible are the legal profession’s restrictions about what an attorney or a law firm can and cannot say on social media, LinkedIn included.  For instance: there are limits on who and what can be said in recommendations. An attorney cannot be perceived as making promises or assertions that may or may not come about.

Egos aside, it’s a challenge that can be surmounted.

You just need some good training.