whyWhen I taught at the undergrad level, I always urged my students to tell why and how, not who and what. It leads to higher levels of thought and analysis.

Yesterday at one of my networking groups, the theme for discussion was: “Why do you do what you do?”  It was thought-provoking and took the attendees out of their comfort zone.  The responses were really fascinating.  Not only did we share some in-depth personal material about ourselves, but if you listened, you could hear high pleasure, or deep frustration, in what we entrepreneurs do in our journey.

For some it was far more than a living. For some it’s not even that.

Some they quoted a professor, a parent, or a philosopher as their muse.

So that leads me to today’s LinkedIn nugget, intrepid blog reader:

Does your LinkedIn profile tell not only “why you” but also “why you do what you do”?

Think about this and reread your profile.

It’s OK, you can make some changes.