Sounds self-important, huh? Well it should be, as a connection on LinkedIn is not to be taken at all lightly.

disconnectingAfter all, connecting means “open kimono” on all aspects of your profile: your connections, your marketing materials, your phone number, etc. (unless you have selectively turned those off).

But sometimes relationships sour or go really badly and you need to sever. It’s part of business life.

So here’s another way to think about a connection: are you ok with being seen in public (at a coffee shop, at lunch, etc.) with that person or does that necessitate too much backpedaling and explanation to your peers if seen in public? Yes? Delete the connection.

If you have to reverse a connection, here’s how to sever it. And don’t worry-LinkedIn does not directly notify them of your actions-no emails are sent to anyone. The only thing that will happen is that the relationship you have with the person drops from 1st level to 2nd level.

And you can always re-connect down the road.