This is it. Make no mistake about it! It’s part 15 of 15, expanding on my earlier plog.

Finally, after you hgoave taken all my rips to heart and acted on them, don’t stop there!

Keep going, updating and tweaking your profile continuously as you morph, have new work to show, change jobs, shift focus, devise a new product/service, open a new business, etc.

Your LinkedIn persona is organic only if you grow it; otherwise it is freeze-dried in history.

Tell us the serial story of you. A great book to help you understand this well is “The Start-Up of You” by Reid Hoffmstartupofyouan, a book I have revisited multiple times and get something good from, differently, each time I read or listen to it. Everyone I have turned onto this book thanks me. You will too.

If you work better with a recurring calendar reminder to prod you to review and update your profile, schedule that now.

So thanks for tuning in to this 15 part serial on spring cleaning your LinkedIn profile. My entire blog posting published by LinkedIn can be found here.