This is part 11 of 15, expanding on my earlier plog.

Update the Publications, Organizations, Projects, Volunteer Experience, and Honors sections to be sure they convey your point of view, interests, roles, and other contributions. It’s a blank canvas but if you don’t tell us you were recognized by peers for this or that, we’ll never know.

Help us think that much more highly of you and your abilities. Don’t be shy-describe these sections in terms of how you are unique or how you helped others by using your skillset.

Be sure to list any pro bono nonprofit expertise you could volunteer to offer or board position you would fill, so a nonprofit can find you and tap into your expertise. Instructions here.

linkedintilesAnd, did you know you can reorder these sections? For me, my education is so much less relevant to “why me” than my volunteer work and publications.

Go ahead. Shuffle the order to your specific situation, seniority, focus and/or the impression you want to leave. Here’s how.