This is part 10 of 15, expanding on my earlier plog.

Incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) keywords in your Headline, Summary, and Experience sections, complementing your Skills.

SEONot familiar with SEO?

See this article. It’s a good one.

And ask your web designer what SEO keywords and metatags he/she used in your website. Combine the lists and use the ones that suit you. Put yourself in the seat of someone looking for you. What terms would they think to use for a search that will result in your profile? Try searching using these SEO words and see how high up the results you appear.

(Remember LinkedIn automatically stacks ranks search results in 1st level connections, then 2nd, then mutual group connections, then 3rd level. You want to keep that in mind and you can’t override that.)

Even if being findable in a LinkedIn keyword search is your goal, don’t go nuts. The search engine is very powerful and resist deliberately “seeding” these sections with densely packed SEO keywords will accomplish the task but could numb the human reader despite your hopes of feeding the electronic one.

A numb human mind changes to someone else’s LinkedIn profile and never looks back. And that’s a forever-lost opportunity. So be findable and memorable for other reasons.