This is part 7 of 15, expanding on my earlier plog.

Be sure your Experience section reflects the entire breadth of what you know and bring with you.

This section should carefully complement the Summary section. You gushed just a bit in the Summary, so expound upon it further, building on the skill set you developed in each succeeding position you took.

If we read upwards from the earliest to the most recent position in your Experience section, do we see a progression and layering of the values you bring to the proverbial table today? If not, go back and re-write these subsections.

Resist overusing acronyms or industry-specific jargon, so as not to alienate readers outside your field. Use “I” combined with power verbs to make an impact.

Have you changed careers (once, more than once)? Tell us why and what you learned and possess as a result of this experience.

Be expressipeel onionve to show the depth of your vision, generic and specific observations that make you unique.

Be yourself but don’t hesitate to tell us “why you,” based on who you are today, like peeling back the layers from where you came from to the core of WHO you really are.