I was perusing my LinkedIn group discussions today and noticed a question:

How can we save our LinkedIn Profile if someone were to compromise it?

safeMy reply: Take a defensive posture.

Is this likely to happen? No, especially if you use two-step verification (as mentioned in my earlier blog posting on 3/20/14).

But knowing that anything is possible in electronic data and especially social media, just in case, start by making a PDF version copy of your profile and storing on your computer somewhere. That way you can copy and paste the written materials from the PDF back into what will be your replacement profile.

And, don’t forget to save the URLs for all the multimedia and other materials you have linked to.

For reviving all your connections, while it’s going to be painful to ask them all to connect again, you can export all your connections’ names to a .csv or .vcf file and store that safely too on your computer.

Now this at least gets you going if you had to start over again. Hope this helps.