This is part 5 of 15, expanding on my earlier plog.

Don’thandshake1 refer to yourself anywhere in your entire profile as

“{your first name}” does this,


as “Mr. /Ms. {your last name}” did that.

since it looks like you copied and pasted your bio.

Do you ever speak to another person that way? I doubt it, especially if you are trying to impress or attract them as a business partner. Yet I see this often on profiles and have to marvel at how stiff and stilted this looks. Your profile is your handshake, your voice, your brand.

My advice: be approachable, be interesting and speak to the correct audience. Use “I” and “my.”

Yes, this is a business audience and no matter your field, you should speak to the reader in a way that is congenial, natural and acceptable as if they are meeting you in person for the first time.

Because they are, electronically.

Now, that’s the way to attract new business using your LinkedIn profile.