The word “organic” is overused and probably abused when it relates to food or cleaning supplies.

But when used in the context of your personal growth or the evolution of your business, it’s more appropriate. Consider the additive effect of one layer supporting another as you develop an idea, concept, product, service…as you grow!

Like the layers of an onion, nature develops skins and humans develop experiences that support the core for a good purpose.  They build upon each other, that’s organic.

That’s the concept what I was getting at when I spoke for a couple of minutes at a small business breakfast a couple of weeks ago. WCBS, a major AM news radio station in New York City, sponsors breakfasts they wisely use to take the pulse of small business folk and go back to the station to weave business broadcasts around their on-the-spot research.

Not being shy, a day before the breakfast I emailed Joe Connolly, Wall Street Journal reporter and radio personality and emcee of the event, to suggest he give more airtime to how small businesses can use LinkedIn.  I mentioned the names of people we were connected to on LinkedIn in common, and offered to connect to him on LinkedIn.

Then the morning before the breakfast began, I walked up to him and thrust out my hand for a brief conversation about LinkedIn. He asked me, “Where are you sitting?” and I motioned to that side of the ballroom.

Later on, among many questions, stories and comments from the floor that mentioned LinkedIn directly, he said “Where’s that LinkedIn guy that I met sitting? Stand up and speak a bit about how important LinkedIn is.”

Microphone in hand, here’s an excerpt of what I said (twice broadcast yesterday on WCBS). Thanks, Joe!

My life and how I tell my story are organic indeed.  Are yours?