This is part 1 of 15, expanding on my earlier plog.


Before stop1you make any changes to your profile, first uncheck the Activity Update box (to keep your individual changes private).


Now you don’t annoy all your unucheckconnections with each and every amendment as you make them. Save it up for the big reveal.

Further, I know there are so many stories from people who didn’t uncheck the box, went into their profile, made a change on their current job in the Experience section, and then received dozens of messages as if they had started a new job; LinkedIn interprets this as a new position and asks your connections to like or congratulate you.

You will certainly spend far far more time explaining that you didn’t take a new job than the 2 nanoseconds it takes to uncheck that box! Once your revised profile is complete, go back and check that same Activity Update box, and then make an update to all your connections (much like unveiling your new website).  They will appreciate one big announcement rather than many small annoyances.