Yesterday I spoke about posting updates on LinkedIn at a frequency that is right for you.  Today I want to go one step further: when someone posts too much/too frequently/not interesting material/full of jargon and acronyms.

The simple truth is that we are all attention-deprived. We want the soundbite, the executive summary, the synopsis. Sorry.

So consider:

  • using a smart headline in the posting so that the reader knows exactly what you are sharing
  • testing to be sure you have a correct link to the article
  • referring to an article you attach and the part of it that you like/disagree with/seems controversial and worthy of discussion
  • adding a graphic that illustrates or compliments the topic; color works better than black and white
  • and finally using restraint in telling us how busy you are, because NO ONE cares where you are networking today, and everyday, for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner. Period.

Static is tustaticned out, until you earn your way back onto my radar screen.

Less is more.