How often should you post an update on LinkedIn?

Well, it depends on a few things (non-exhaustive list to follow):

  • hpick brainow many times you read a great article you want to share
  • how often you need help from your peers (and are willing to admit they can indeed offer new insights)
  • how often you have the answer to a question someone else asks (it goes both ways!)
  • on how many times you have an update to your profile
  • your personality: are you extroverted or introverted?
  • your need to “blip” on others’ radar.

The last bullet point above is vital to being top-of-mind. Being memorable for sharing great material is part of your brand.

So no real answer to this, as you can see, as there are many variables and many factors. Your frequency is different from mine.

Rule of thumb: please post something at least once a week.  Whatever feels like “enough.”

For me it’s once or more a day. No one ever told me I post too much. I am usually  asked, “where do you find all that great stuff that I can send along to my connections??” That’s what I want to hear.