Today’s New York Times ran an article about a new social media platform that is anonymous and spooky called Secret (photo below). On Secret, anyone can post anything without any ownership or permission or responsibility.


So to clarify what LinkedIn is (and it is many things to many people) vs what it is NOT:

  1. On LinkedIn, what you post is what you get.
  2. Anything posted is attributed directly to the author.
  3. You post news and opinions there that you truly want to reflect well on your profile and the others who are connected to you.
  4. You can change anything in your profile as you progress or morph into a new position/role/industry/concept.
  5. No one can say anything you have not approved.  In fact, you can hide or delete endorsements or recommendations that you do not want to appear at that moment.
  6. The professional community expects professional conduct, so you won’t see pictures of kids, puppies or kitties.
  7. And please folks, no more word games or number or logic puzzles.

We have more important business-savvy things to share don’t we?