2014-03-15 11.25.10

Do you have a memorable tag line like this entrepreneur?

Hopefully he also excels in the quality of his services to make him stand apart from the competition. That’s what makes his supporters and former clients refer him.

In a tag line (mine is “we exceed expectations”), we make a commitment to live up to the values we project, and the LinkedIn personal profile and the company profile as well, are good places to demonstrate it.

Say as much as you like in your own words in your Summary and Experience sections:

  • what brought you to this pivot point in your career,
  • how you live up to the tag line, with every client
  • how you differentiate yourself from the competition,

But be sure you take the opportunity have others reinforce your own comments in both your LinkedIn Recommendations and Skills sections.  Anecdotes and specific impressions by recommenders are especially rich and memorable. (You already know my suggestions on choosing your endorsers wisely.)

When others attest to your value proposition, you have entered into a far deeper, stronger area of business marketing, and LinkedIn enables you to do this.

The really hard part for all of us is keeping that promise every single day.