speaker mike15-20 minutes. Never had that short a period to speak about LinkedIn, nonetheless to a group of attorneys, and after lunch. Great group to speak to. I accept.

Usually my talks are 90 minutes, with Q&A at the end, so I was stimulated by the challenge. I thought carefully: did I have slides to choose from my existing talks? Sure I did, but I felt the need to start fresh.

I had become aware of Prezi a few months ago and decided this is the opportunity to push myself in yet another way: learn a new beautiful presentation software.

5 Prezi slides later, mentally practiced (again) on the train ride into the city for the 15 minutes chat around them, I was ready.

I arrived at the venue early and was told there had been a change, to include some additional material into my talk. Yikes. OK, I told myself, you’ll do it. You’ll just make it work.

I am pleased to say I did. I pulled out that reliance upon the core of my own ability. This old LinkedIn dog can perform a new (really really short) trick. And it’s part of the repertoire now.

It’s just part of the excitement of this multipreneur’s professional life.