I was referred to him by a good colleague whose opinion I respect.

I spoke on the phone to him and had a good feeling that it was worth a face-to-face. It wasn’t all of what he said, but how he said it, and especially how he showed his work.

I will admit I didn’t know what the face-to-face meeting yesterday would accomplish as I had met with quite a few people in the same “space” as him. Those hadn’t amounted to much. Would this be different?

I was in the city anyway, had to go downtown when I was in midtown, but I would do so on the hunch that there was something good there, it just needed exploration.

I was early, he was running late.  We had confused the meeting place. After all, there’s only 1 Starbucks in SOHO, right? Thanks to texts, we found each other.

The rest was meant to be. It was a meeting of minds at a high level, with more and more ways to work together surfacing as we both explained our values and experience. Such a great feeling. Do you get these once in a while?

We both let the meeting run over the allotted time. It was that good. I think we were both late to our next session. Turns out he was about to meet another high quality friend of mine; he let the name slip out and I had to laugh. We run in the same circles too!?! Too good.

So here’s how I did it: I vetted him on the phone, reviewed his work online, met in person, connected on LinkedIn, and now we can let the real fun of networking begin! Connect2collaborate, right? Another example.