Blogs are for expressing opinions, so in my not-so-humble-opinion, high school students must start asap to express their ever-developing brand.


By the time they apply to college, many teenagers have already accomplished feats that adults envy.  They should be telling about their journey in LinkedIn, the social media platform that adults relate to and will use to attract candidates into new ventures benefitting both parties. Think: scholarship, work-study, research projects, internships, career…

Some ideas of what they should be doing in high school from LinkedIn’s POV include the ability to communicate with on-campus students on the campuses they are targeting and get inside information.

College students should (should, but don’t always!) steadily use LinkedIn too, but by the time they are in the university, they often believe LinkedIn is not needed. They will soon learn what they missed when the world around them thrives and cultivates interrelationships….get in the branding habit now.