A President’s Day blog musing:

President Obama saved this fowl a few days before Thanksgiving.  I am using my executive privilege to offer you a pardon for these 15 LinkedIn “turkeys” in your personal profile:


  1. typos
  2. bad grammar
  3. cut-and-pasting your resume
  4. referring to yourself in the third person such as “Marc is a…, Marc has experience in…”
  5. using the LinkedIn URL they assigned you with all the numbers and letters at the end
  6. incomplete sentences (including extensive use of bullet points)
  7. a boring headline showing you as a title and name of your company
  8. listing your past job accomplishments that don’t have any context or no longer matter in what you presently do
  9. not telling “why you” in your personal voice
  10. too many or too few recommendations, especially those that don’t add to your brand
  11. not updating news, or sharing good items you have read, with your connections
  12. not showing your email address or phone number in your contact details
  13. not connecting your twitter handle or website to your LinkedIn profile and vice versa
  14. using LinkedIn like Facebook; that is to say, enough already with the number puzzles and word games and the like!
  15. finally, and my biggest pet peeve, asking anyone for a connection using the default language LinkedIn gives you and not saying eloquently where you met or why you should connect.

Presidentially speaking, you must enact all these immediately; no veto, filibustering or debating. That’s an executive order.