Ten years ago today my friend in Dallas reported he had found something that I had to look at: this new service called LinkedIn.

We had just both lamented that our respective rolodexes were getting cluttered and we had lost touch with some valued old colleagues. LinkedIn would solve that, he said. So I took his advice and joined.

I was member number 203,392.

(BTW: If you want to know how to see your member number, look at the URL on your


LinkedIn personal profile page and pick out the number.)

Back to the story…I kept learning how to use LinkedIn in its every iteration, attended classes, read tons, and eventually signed a new client that found me on LinkedIn. I was hooked. Really hooked! I had at my disposal a new powertool to market my businesses and expand my need to connect people to better collaborate.

Hence the name of my company, connect2collaborate.

I then started thinking that I had plenty of experience to go out teach it with my “special sauce” and 4 1/2 years ago I was asked by a friend to teach LinkedIn to her CPA firm in New York City.

I am very pleased to say someone sitting in that audience that day 4 1/2 years ago recently hired me to teach the CPA firm she is at now, and I will teach there today, on my 10th anniversary of being a LinkedIn user.

So what else did I do today? I just reached out and reacquainted with my Dallas friend to thank him and keep the connection warm(er). Because you can, and should, do that on LinkedIn…

“Sweet,” as my kids would say!