1. I wish you would only endorse me for skills you know I have.

If we last saw each other in 1995 and you endorse me for my e-commerce design and implementation skills, you aren’t being truthful.

I will delete your endorsement. I show you how to do exactly that in my advanced seminar “LinkedIn: Where the Good Stuff is Hidden” in slides 37 and 38.

wish2. I wish you would only ask me to connect when you tell me how we met and what you are seeking.

Give me context.  I might ask by return message whether we met before or what I can do to help you. If you do not respond in 24 hours, I ignore your request to connect.  Do you make a phone call and just say hello (and nothing else)???? BTW, I don’t talk about this in my advanced seminar because this is so basic and so obvious. But so many people out there don’t get it!

Ok I feel better now.