Everyone loves it when they receive an unsolicited compliment. I received one last night for some quick handling of a difficult situation for a client. It was my pleasure to help her, but most of all I knew exactly what to do in a situation that truly troubled her:

Marc, as always your quick and competent response is amazing and so greatly appreciated.

So what should I do now to show others the level of expertise I provided her and my other clients?

Linkedin allows me to ask her for a recommendation.

It’s not very easy to figure out where to ask for a recommendation but it is easy to ask for it, so I will make I will make it easier for you, so follow this link:  http://help.linkedin.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/96.

And then I guide her by asking her to give her anecdotal opinion of my work based on the situation in which I helped her.  That way, I can better manage the comments that she might make by suggesting the following.

Here’s what I sent her:

It’s always a pleasure to help you and {your nonprofit} and it’s especially rewarding to know you appreciate my prompt attention to the past 2 situations in which you asked me to intervene.

When I met you I promised you expert client-centric attention. I am always building my brand and reputation and one aspect is the quality of my on-going client service.

Could I ask you to write a short (3-4 sentences) recommendation for me on LinkedIn outlining the most recent situation about how I helped you on New Year’s Eve day when the client wanted to make a large donation and I walked you through the process, and also in last night’s situation (use whatever detail you think is best) which resulted in your very kind email to me.

Thanks so much and I will see you soon.


I always excitedly anticipate the recommendation. Once received, I can post  it or ask the writer to correct any inaccuracies or typos. I want it to reflect best on BOTH of us!

My challenge to you: go get some quality and specific recommendations.