So continuing from yesterday’s nugget, what makes Susan Glusica’s headline a good one scratch that, a great one? Let’s dissect it…

“Helping to add certainty to client financial decisions | Expanding our team of career-minded financial associates”





First, it’s 113 characters including spaces (let Word count that for you). She is just under the 120 character max. Could she have added 7 more characters and done any better? I doubt it.

She shows the proper use of capitalization without abbreviations, jargon or industrial lingo (and there is plenty in the financial field!)

Next, see how she divided 2 separate aspects of her work using the “|”? That’s the key found above your enter key on any keyboard (when you shift and press it). It helps the eye of the reader see that there are 2 distinct thoughts being presented and uses minimal characters.  I use it in my headline to express how I am a multi-preneur. And if you have 2 or more aspects of your work | divide your work in different fields or areas, this is a handy way to express who you really are in terms of the ways your professional time and interests are spent.

First aspect of her work:                                                                                                               She uses the word helping, which shows her ability to offer her skills to the needs of her client. She adds certainty in financial markets that can anything but that. Client financial decisions contains search keywords in the LinkedIn search engine that will help her be found more readily using one or more of the words in that phrase.

Next aspect of her work:                                                                                                               She is a recruiter of financial sales people for her company expanding (which is a richer term than “seeking” or “hiring,” so use rich action words) a team, (yes an overused term, but knowing her, it’s sincere and real.) Career-minded is a rich adjective–think about the active images you are conjuring in the minds of the reader. Financial associates is a term that job seekers would use in the LinkedIn search engine for sourcing employment opportunities.

So you see she has accomplished a lot in 113 characters. In one quick glance, you know what field of work she is in, what passion she brings, what qualities she conveys and what 2 aspects she performs in her professional career.

You probably want to read more about her. That’s the aim.  The headline makes you crave more information on the newspaper article. You are now a news item in the global LinkedIn newsstand so go out there and get more eyes on your profile. Renovate your headline. Do it slowly and post it when you are content it perfectly reflects who you are and why you. This is not easy to write, perhaps the hardest part of writing you will have to do on LinkedIn.  

Thanks again to Susan Glusica for letting me show her headline.

This 2-part nugget is just the start of renovating your profile.