LinkedIn Strategic Marketing Consulting

There are some business projects that demand I provide cutting-edge insight into LinkedIn strategies and planning. Let’s open horizons together.

Marc Halpert leading a group workshop

Let us help with a solution tailored to your specific needs.

  • Perhaps your HR department is not sourcing great candidates and you need to scour LinkedIn for stars.
  • Is your project aimed at high-net-worth professionals who can be attracted by your ramping up more targeted  marketing on LinkedIn?
  • Are you planning a conference and believe LinkedIn is the best place to drip market registrations for the upcoming event?
  • Can your sales pros use LinkedIn more strategically?
  • Is your firm losing competitive advantage and needs to brand itself in new ways?
  • Are you considering rebranding your business and want to immerse LinkedIn’s 825+ million professionals in your offerings as a new way of meeting the global market?

All of these, and so much more, can be accomplished with my guidance as your LinkedIn marketing strategist.

Ask for a free consultation to flesh out the project, gain my insight and expertise, and I will guide your company along a plan for collaborative implementation for the future.

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