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Comments received from attendees at various training sessions I presented:


“Can you imagine a crowd — hypnotized, mesmerized and completely glued to their seats for almost 2.5 hours over a LinkedIn lecture?  With unstoppable passion about the social media platform of his choice, Marc told laugh-out-loud stories and fielded questions from beginners and seasoned veterans alike. Exploring what I imagine is just a fraction of his LinkedIn knowledge, Marc shared both technical and strategic anecdotes that explained the network in ways I’ve never considered before.”

“Marc provided two well-received LinkedIn training sessions for us. His audience was comprised of Sales, Marketing and Risk employees who are located across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Marc fulfilled our request to incorporate our social media guidelines into his presentations while teaching our team how to use LinkedIn to demonstrate our value proposition to customers and to broaden our reach within the commercial real estate market. I highly recommend Marc as a LinkedIn trainer.”

“I had no idea that LinkedIn had such potential as a marketing and business development tool.  Not only did I find the information presented useful in expanding my organization’s reach, but the clients I serve have benefitted immensely.”

“Almost a year ago I attended one of Marc’s incredibly informative LinkedIn seminars. I was a novice and not even sure what LinkedIn was about or if it was even relevant to me and my business. Boy was I in for a pleasant surprise! Based upon the knowledge gained in just that one short morning, I went from LinkedIn skeptic to LinkedIn believer, using it on a daily basis as my main conduit to providing my clients with business updates, industry information, company articles & events. LinkedIn really is my rolodex, social marketing, PR, and company information portal, all rolled into one. If Marc is a LinkedIn evangelist, then I’m a follower and disciple. If you want to learn how to truly use and master social media and its strongest marketing tool, LinkedIn, you must use Marc Halpert – period!”

“Thank you so much for your specific, detailed instructions and tips about how to maximize the LinkedIn profile networking tool…There were tons of  helpful information applicable to for-profit businesses, too.”

“…kudos to the LinkedIn guru for all of those great tips.  I came home and implemented a couple right away!”

“Marc was a featured panel member…His knowledge of social media and specifically LinkedIn, makes him a go-to resource for anyone needing advice on how to maximize their social media experience.”

“Marc does a great job of making the complex simple and understandable for non-techies and drives home the basics of effectively using LinkedIn and other social networking for business…”

“This class was very worthwhile! I finally had time today to start a group with my profile…I will continue to edit it as part of my new social networking routine.”

“I left the session feeling empowered to help my non-profit.  Your enthusiasm and expertise were impressive, and your willingness to share these qualities is unmistakably genuine.”

“…Marc is a skilled and effective presenter. His clear and instructive presentations helped me to create a vibrant and effective LinkedIn profile. in one month I found two job opportunities via LinkedIn and was “cold” contacted by an HR recruiter who suggested a job that might interest me… I could not have accomplished this had I not attended Marc’s presentations and followed his recommendations.”

There are more on my LinkedIn page. I know how to use LinkedIn-let me show you how to REALLY use LinkedIn and connect2collaborate.