My LinkedIn book and/or e-course specifically geared towards nonprofit professionals

Book | online e-course | combination of the two:

My book “You, Us, Them: LinkedIn Marketing Concepts for Nonprofit Professionals Who Really Want to Make a Difference,” is expressly for nonprofit professionals, and can be accompanied by its own online-course, or not.

Either-or-both, your choice.

There are three options to get this book or course

The book is a conceptual work. I offer this book here on my site for $19.95, in paper only; or on Amazon, in paper or Kindle.

The e-course is composed of 80+ slides with my narrated tips, techniques, processes, and suggestions, to renovate your LinkedIn profile, It’s just over 2 hours long, but broken into bite-sized chunks for you to savor, ruminate on, and implement in your own way on your profile, to tell why you do what you do.

The online e-course alone is $49.95, available only from this website. Order the online e-course via my secure shopping cart.

Want both?

The book plus the course will put you, your colleagues, and your organization ahead of the pack, if you take my advice.

The book plus the online e-course, available only here, is severely discounted when both are purchased together at $51.95.

The only place you can order the combination of the book and the online e-course and get this special price is on my secure shopping cart page.

Book + Course Combo Special