My e-course: LinkedIn for Baby Boomers (and Other Encore Career Changers)

Were you born between 1946 and 1964?
• Are you ignoring the relentless urge to slow down, or resisting retirement, different than your contemporaries?
• Are you planning a career change, career transition, midlife career change, semi-retirement, and/or just need second career ideas?
• Are you searching for available, appropriate jobs for a career change at age 50+?

LinkedIn for Baby Boomers, and other encore career changers. Written and Narrated by Marc W. Halpert

You’re probably a little uneasy about all these changes and wondering:

  • How easy is it to make a career change in your later years?
  • How is making a career change in your mature years different now, vs. last time?
  • How can you be more memorable and effective in leaving an impression with recruiters/hiring managers/interviewers?
  • What technologies do you have to be adept at, to stay competitive in the job market?
  • How can you demonstrate more relevance in a youth-oriented society?

Well, as expected, there are no easy answers to these questions.

To become competitive you need everything lined up ahead of launching your next career move.

The bottom line: you must articulate your hard-earned expertise and impress the prospect to find that next position.

Then you might just work as long into your senior years as YOU want to.

But how can you tell your rich career story?

You’ve heard a lot about LinkedIn, the preeminent the currency of business and personal network brand marketing today, but how do you master it for your needs?

What techniques can you optimize on LinkedIn to be most successful?

Well, here’s an e-course that will help: “LinkedIn for Baby Boomers and Other Encore Career Changers,” and I designed just for people like you. And me too!

I am a boomer too. I am 65+ years old, an internationally known LinkedIn coach and trainer. I have changed careers 3 times, changed 6 industries, each time reinventing myself.

Twelve years ago I morphed into a LinkedIn coach and trainer.

And I love what I do, getting people like you “unstuck,” freed from fear and better able to tell their “why.”

From my experience training under-  and unemployed, mature people just like you, I know what you are going through. I’ll help it get better, but first you need to learn to tell “why” you, with my guidance.

Is this easy and quick to do? No.

Vital? Absolutely, so you best articulate your career story on LinkedIn for others to view you as a viable candidate, especially because of the experience and value you bring.

With my custom-developed e-course and its accompanying supplemental materials. you will learn new techniques in LinkedIn sections you have never heard of before, have never thought about before, have never considered important before, and you will be well on your way to uncovering new opportunities leading to an exciting, rewarding, appropriate encore career position.

Here’s what you get:

  • Express your inner “why” to reorient and renovate your LinkedIn profile, using my worksheet containing 15 hard-hitting, thought-provoking questions that will make you think in new ways about yourself and your career journey.
  • I will slather on my “special sauce” to make you more attractive as a prospect, and beat the competition, on LinkedIn. In 80 slides with my overlay audio commentary, broken into 4 segments, and a review at the end of each segment, you get over two- and 3/4-hours’ high-quality educational time.
  • And you can opt-in to a free subscription to my blog“LinkedIn Nuggets,” arriving by email every business weekday at 8:00 am ET, covering a LinkedIn topic. My readers report back to me they have found the now 2000+ blogposts truly beneficial.

The whole package (the worksheet, the slides, and the workdaily blog) will allow you to master my proven, practical techniques, improve your LinkedIn profile, and become a better contender, thereby improving your career narrative along the way.

ALL FOR $44.99!

Not convinced yet? Here’s how previous students reviewed my “LinkedIn for Baby Boomers” materials:

“You took me from fear and dread to the confidence that I could and should plan and tell my own story effectively. Bottomline is that we are all in charge of our messaging…Your view of LinkedIn showing the story of where one has come from is spot on, setting the stage for where we want to go next (past, present and future). Loved your phrase we are always in Beta.” 
– Roberta P.

“A terrific set of optimization tips, I look forward to using these to fine tune my LinkedIn profile and raise my online game. It would have taken me forever to discover these on my own–extremely valuable.”
– Hal D.

“You present a tremendous amount of information without overwhelming your students. You support those less skilled with the platform and encourages the rest of us to move beyond our comfort zone in effectively presenting our professional stories to the LinkedIn world.”
– Claudia M.

“Marc is extremely patient in explaining LinkedIn to a group of clients (mostly middle-age) who are often intimidated by technology…Hundreds benefited from Marc’s classes in the program I directed–landing interviews, jobs, and networking opportunities.”
– Jill S.

I repeat, get ALL THIS FOR $44.99!

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