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If you came here, you probably want to know more about how LinkedIn can help you as a job seeker, a businessperson or a nonprofit. Indeed it can really make a big difference if you know how to use it correctly.

Read on.

LinkedIn: another tool in your tool box

I was a very early adopter of LinkedIn in 2004 (#203,392) so in the interim 15 years, I have used LinkedIn as a focal point in my cash flow optimization consulting business: marketing, publicity, education, communications: an ideal way to connect to collaborate.  I can directly attribute new business to my LinkedIn profile and activity.

Can you say that?

If not, would you like to know how to jumpstart your use of LinkedIn to keep your business pipeline fuller?

Do you work very hard to differentiate yourself from the rest of your industry? Do you demonstrate to clients why they should use your services with every impression you make? LinkedIn reinforces the “why you” by custom tailoring your story and value proposition to potential clients.

If you are not booking business from LinkedIn and the colleagues you connect to, we need to meet.

About Connect2Collaborate’s services

Depending on your budget and willingness to invest time in your business future, I can custom design a program that addresses your needs.

I offer an energetic onsite seminar, stimulating webinar or an interactive virtual course; either one-time or a series of accelerating sessions.

I have taught LinkedIn to hundreds of new and seasoned professionals:

  • to job seekers to source connections to unadvertised jobs
  • to recent college graduates to find their all-important first job
  • to nonprofits to find donors, staff,  volunteers, and board members
  • to solopreneurs to make your business look deeper
  • to small businesses to make  marketing more productive
  • to consultants to fill the pipeline of RFPs and opportunities.

Our attendees report a 90-95% approval ranking from our training sessions. I am very proud of that and hope to continue to help make a difference in our clients’ success.

Leverage LinkedIn. Learn how to connect to collaborate.