I am reading “The Startup of You” by Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha, in its second edition. I asked my library to purchase it in paper and e-book formats since the first edition was so good (I listened to it in the car 8x in the pracademic era!)

The second edition includes many references to changes in the workplace after COVID like remote work (although I worked remotely in my basement home office for the past 23 years!), new opportunities in the gig economy, and other new developments in our fast-changing world.

If you are between jobs, between industries, betwixt and between anything, and need to get your bearings, it’s a GREAT book. Better than the first edition which I also considered great.

You are in beta, one of its core teachings. I am too. We are all changng so fast. Embrace and optimize it.

I’d welcome your thoughts on the book here. I’ll wait…